The Case of the Missing Blue Face Crayon – Blau means Blue…and Drunk in German | Expat-Mom

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The Case of the Missing Blue Face Crayon – Blau means Blue…and Drunk in German

20 Feb Posted by in Holidays | Comments
The Case of the Missing Blue Face Crayon – Blau means Blue…and Drunk in German
As we were all getting ready for Saturday’s Carnival costume party, it was a quick and hectic scramble dressing with two kids, one toddler, and a baby in the house.

The baby was finally in bed, the two kids were staying awake for some time, and the toddler was slowly falling asleep with a little help from his mommy.

My husband and I had put on our Native American costumes and our daughter wanted to draw on his war paint with red, white, and black face crayons. Our 4-year-old guest was also eager to use the face crayons so I let her draw with the three colors on my hand.


Other guests started to arrive and the adults were busy socializing and getting their first adult beverage for the evening.

The two girls had found my suction cup bow and arrow set and were told to go downstairs with it so as not to shoot any unsuspecting adult; never mind possibly shooting their own eye out. (Thank you, A Christmas Story for the mental sound bite.)

Two days before, on Altweiberfastnacht – “Old Women’s Carnival Celebration” day, my husband had translated for me a joke he heard on the radio while we were driving. Firstly, the German word “blau” means blue in English, but it also doubles as another word for being drunk. So someone might say, “He was really ‘blue’ at the party.”

There was a woman on the radio who said, “Last year we dressed as angels, but this year we are going as Smurfs so no one can tell we’re ‘blue.’”

And of course, Eiffel 65’s “Blue” song was playing on the radio after the story…”I’m blue. Da-ba-dee, Da-ba-die…“

I thought it was a cute German pun and the imagery of people painted blue while being drunk was good.


Back to the party…

It was one of those moments that people say you will remember exactly where you were when you heard the news.

From the kitchen I heard, “Oh, my gosh. What happened to her hands? Why is your 4-year-old so blue?”

And then gasps from a few adults.

Her dad: Don’t touch anything. Let me take her to the bathroom.

My husband to me: Hey, no blue children at the party.


We still don’t know if there was any remaining blue crayon, but judging by the amount of color, I’m guessing and hoping, for cleaning purposes that there wasn’t anything left.

Although, the next morning there were a few unidentified blue smudges on the baby’s face. I guess I have to wait a day or two to find any missing blue face crayon evidence.

By the way, does anyone have Eiffel 65’s song, “Blue” stuck in their head right now? Sorry for that if you do.

“I’m blue. Da-ba-dee, Da-ba-die, Da-ba-dee, Da-ba-die…“

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