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Diapers in Deutschland – Is there a difference between the US and Germany?

25 Mar Posted by in Products | 3 comments
Diapers in Deutschland – Is there a difference between the US and Germany?
Originally this article was going to be about my experience with diapers between Germany and America praising the quality of diapers in Germany.

And that story would have gone something like this…

Typically, we use babylove brand diapers from the dm in Germany (yes, both babylove and dm seem to not be capitalized), a brand not available in the US. Although not grammatically correct, the diapers hold a lot of liquid and the large size keeps the doo-doo from going don’t don’t.

But last year there was a sale on Pampers, and Kay’s grandma graciously bought us a box. The Pampers seemed to work fine, but after the box was done, I had planned to switch back to the babylove brand because they are not only cheaper, but they seemed to work better.

It is worth noting that the Pampers in Germany are also made in Germany, but the babylove diapers (also made in Germany) became a brand I would highly recommend to friends. Coincidentally, Kay informed me that part of the manufacturing is done in Krefeld, the city in which we live.

Last spring, when Fynn and I made a trip back to the US to visit family, the search for the perfect American diaper began. I remembered using Pampers in Germany so I decided to buy them in the US thinking they would be the same quality.

When I opened the pack, I was almost positive that the diapers felt lighter and thinner than the Pampers in Germany. But whatever, it was time for Fynn to go to bed so I had no choice but to try them.

The next morning, Fynn was soaked; not just a little leakage but completely wet. I changed his diaper and his clothes and figured maybe he just had a lot to drink the night before.

But then the next morning he was soaked again. I don’t remember how many mornings I let this go on (two or three), but I do remember thinking that I hadn’t packed enough pajamas for it to continue.

Not only that, but what the h@ll were these stupid tiny aqua-colored balls I kept finding stuck to his skin? I read the packaging and they said it was safe and they were there to absorb the moisture, but I didn’t like trying to pick these gel-balls out my baby’s balls.

Stupid freakin’ cheap American technology probably made in China (I don’t know where the American Pampers are actually made, but we blame everything else on China, so why not the diapers too?). I desperately wanted the comfort, thickness, and quality of my beloved German brand.

Again, I went to the store, but this time ran into an old friend from high school. In conversing, I mentioned my diaper situation and she recommended the Costco brand. I obviously didn’t have a membership card and time was of the essence at this point.

She suggested going up a size, but we had just done that anyway and I thought the next size would surely be too big.

She also mentioned that for a short time before switching to Costco, they used Huggies.

I have to admit that I was a bit frustrated and I went a bit crazy buying diapers. I bought a brand of Luv’s Ultra Leakguards and also Huggies Night-Time… in addition to the Pampers that were already at my parent’s house.

Trying to feel through the packaging before opening these expensive brands, I decided to open the Luv’s Ultra-Leakguards. The mornings were either hit-or-miss as to whether or not Fynn was wet.

Kay later joined us in the US and I remember begging him to bring a package of babylove with him. As such, I didn’t open the Huggies and was able to return them. I used the Pampers and the Luv’s during the day and rationed the babylove at night.

Fast forward to present time…

Fynn was running low on diapers and I kept asking Kay to buy a new pack. When he finally made the trip to the dm, he returned with two boxes of babylove diapers.

The first thing I noticed was that the boxes were a different color; a lighter purple.


Me: Was there a sale on diapers?

Kay: No, why?

Me: I was wondering if that’s why you bought two boxes.

Kay: No, I just thought we’d definitely be using them all and it would save a trip to the dm (Kay normally does grocery shopping at the Real and then trips to the dm are typically reserved for buying baby products only).

I had to struggle a bit to open the box with its new construction and excessive glue.


I tugged at the bag to get out diapers and, “WHAT THE H@LL?”

Me: They changed the babylove diapers! Is this the right size? Is this the right type of diaper? Yes, 4+…aktiv plus. I think so. Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhh! Jerks! These are thinner!!!! Kay, these diapers suck! They changed them! Are you sure these are the right ones?

Kay was upstairs reading an old box back to me.

Kay: Yes, they are the same ones.

Me: And now we have two stupid boxes.


The the old version is underneath and longer than the new diaper on top.


Here the old version is now on top and the new diaper is below. The old version is obviously thicker.

Now the story goes something like this.

Dear, People I Want to Punch in the Throat Blog,

Can you please add to your list, companies who try to fix something “that ain’t broke” in an effort to make us buy more quantities with less quality? You can add global companies to your list of sell-out, jerkfaces.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours, Expat-Mom

(After a brief “cooling down” period, I have now written a more thoughtful review of babylove size 4+ diapers. – babylove Review)

It is day two using the new diapers. Last night Fynn didn’t leak through. Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

On a lighter note, the night before last, I swear these pajamas fit Fynn when I put them on. What’s with the overnight growth spurt? Is that even possible? As I was changing his diaper the next morning, I couldn’t get the zipper closed again and saw the big hole. The first of many male blowouts to come, I guess. Although this wasn’t from breaking wind. 


  1. Lisa02-25-13

    This is so funny- I just found your post and before I did- just last week I wrote a similar post on MY blog. Those darn American Pampers! :) Anywho, just stopping by to say hello. :)

    • Mommy02-25-13

      I love it! Glad I’m not crazy about the difference in quality!

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