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Ghosts in Germany? – Germans don’t believe… do you?

26 Mar Posted by in Culture, Family Life | 3 comments
Ghosts in Germany? – Germans don’t believe… do you?
Now might be a good time to tell you that Germans don’t believe in ghosts. Or at least I haven’t met anyone yet who will admit that they do.

We have an electricity problem in our house (among many other problems). The TVs will randomly go on and off. Kay’s laptop was going on and off the other day. Sounds Poltergeistish to me, doesn’t it?

And since I know Kay doesn’t believe in ghosts, I make it a point every time something strange happens to say, “It’s the ghost.”

Growing up, my dad had us kids to always blame for doing, or not doing something. I don’t have kids old enough yet, so a ghost is the next best thing.

And what about the mysterious clothes in the dryer incident? The other day, I went downstairs and the dryer was stopped less than halfway through the cycle with the door left wide open. Kay thinks I just went down there, opened the door, then got distracted and forgot what I was in the middle of doing. I may be forgetful, but I prefer blaming the ghost.

The other night, as I was giving Fynn his night-time bottle, he was lying on my lap against my arm looking at the door and started randomly waving with his right hand.

Definitely a ghost.

Ok, so I know the whole ghost thing is kind of immature. But I have a perfectly rational explanation as to why I have an obsession with ghosts. But if I told you, it would only ruin the mysterious fun. Besides, I better believe in ghosts since after my cousin sees that I used her in my headliner pic above, she just might kill me.

Not only that, there is nothing I like more than sitting around with my cousins telling ghosts stories. Like about the ghost lady who lives in the basement of my aunt’s house on Staten Island.

Or the lady in the pillow my other cousin sees talking to him in his nightmares.

Or that my other cousin’s son was in the bathtub and also started randomly waving. When my cousin asked what he was doing he said, “Waving to Great-Grandma.”

On Friday night, Kay and I were downstairs watching TV and we heard the server upstairs beep, which means it has gone off and we have to wait for it to come back on in order to continue watching our American programming.

I jokingly said that I wanted a back massage until the server came back on. At which point, Kay said he was going to have a cigarette outside; the number one excuse he uses before he’ll do anything I ask.

He walked into the hall and I heard him say, “The power is out.”

Me: No it isn’t. How can the power be out? It’s on in here.

Kay: I think the thing popped.

Me: Huh? What thing?

Kay: The thing downstairs.

Me: Ooohhhh! The circuit breaker.

Kay: Yeah.

Me: Here is my headlamp.

Kay: Where?

Me: On the thing here.

Kay: What thing?

Me: Oh, you know. The thing that has the Moroccan drum on it.

(Apparently finding the proper words in English is impossible regardless of it being your second language or native language. The ghost must be stealing my memory.)

Kay goes downstairs, comes back up and is gone for awhile. Soon he comes back into the living room only to tell me that the server is done, kaput, won’t turn on again.

Me: It’s the ghost again.

Kay humors me by not saying anything but I know he is rolling his eyes at me.

I’d show you pictures of the orbs in our backyard, but since our server is toast, I can’t because all of the pictures are saved there. Yes, the ghost is trying to conceal its own existence. Hopefully it is just the server’s power cord that is fried (fingers crossed).

I kind of like trying to annoy Kay because nothing really ever gets his goat… or should I say, ghost? And lately I have a laughing problem; when Kay is upset I have this uncontrollable laugh that I can’t hide and I can’t stop. Surprisingly this gets him even more annoyed to the point where he can’t be around me when I have these laughing fits. Unfortunately, I can’t blame that on the ghost… or mabe I can? Possession?

A few days ago, I came down in the morning to make Fynn’s bottle and the front door was halfway open. I went into the living room, and the back door was unlocked.

I… was… livid.

Me: No coffee for Papa this morning!

I gave Fynn his bottle then brought him into our bedroom to wake up Kay.

Me to Fynn: Papa is trying to get us either killed or robbed.

Kay: Huh?

Me: You left the front door wide open and the back door unlocked.

Kay: I did?

Me: Yeah!

I’m standing there angrily waiting for a response.

Kay: It wasn’t me, it was the ghost… The same ghost that opened the dryer.

Me: Ggggrrr! So now you believe in ghosts?

Kay smiles at me, closes his eyes and puts his head back down on his pillow.

Guess who’s laughing now? Yep, only the ghost.


  1. Pura Fritzius03-29-12

    I believe you Sarah!! Kay just needs to meet Chris’s pillow ghost!! I saw the picture in your blog and I was like… is that me?? LOL!!!

    Miss you Sarah! when you come to Florida we will have an all night ghost stories party!

  2. Marlo Grassi04-03-12

    My ghost at mom’s hasnt done anything in awhile… Sounds like your ghost may be a little person? one who likes to play pranks. And yes your son was waving to something. Children just can see things at that age that we cant.

    • Mommy04-04-12

      Thanks, Marlo! Now I have visions of a giggling child in my house. LOL This morning I set a load of laundry on the stairs, it fell while I was in another room and I started imagining a child knocking it over then running away laughing. I guess it IS possible to tell ghost stories from across the pond. Watch out when I see you next. LOL

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