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Following Simple Advice

28 Mar Posted by in Family Life | Comments
Following Simple Advice


Tonight I am going to follow advice from a Yogi tea bag…

“Always be pure, simple and honest.” (As if I weren’t always. And no tea bagging jokes out there please. I’m almost out of my stash from the US, btw.)

Honest? Yes. Pure and Simple? Uhm, no.

Tonight Mommy is sick with a slight fever, back and headache and completely not thinking clearly. Fynn had a fever on Sunday, so I think I picked up what he had.

Also, speaking of bags, whatever you do, I beg of you never…ever…ever let a diaper bin bag break open. The other day I was changing out Fynn’s diaper bin and the side of the bag ripped open. Only three diapers fell out, but before I could do anything Fynn ran over, picked up one and Kay and I immediately started gagging from the smell.

I have a pretty hard stomach and normally just start breathing out of my mouth. Well, I did breathe out of my mouth, but unfortunately I could taste the foul oder. I grabbed the baby and ran downstairs like a woman running from an exploding land mine.

Kay grabbed a large garbage bag from the kitchen and I grabbed a scarf to wrap around my mouth and nose so as not to smell nor taste the stench.

I braved the task and re-bagged the mess opening the window in the bathroom before I left.

Kay, unfortunately had to go back upstairs to work, but unable to do so ended up moving his laptop downstairs.

After finally disposing of the bag outside, I picked up Fynn and to my horror saw two chunks of doo-doo on his hand. The memory of the smell immediately came back and I was again gagging while washing his hands in the sink.

It was a few hours before Kay or I would go upstairs again. I think I will be really careful next time I change out the diaper bin bags… I might even make the scarf an everytime precaution. Sounds logical, but then again, I don’t think I’m well in the head tonight.

I do want to stipulate that the diaper incident in no way had anything to do with not being right in the head or having a fever. But we can blame the fever and the tea bag for reminding me about the diaper bag.

Going to bed now… or should I say, hitting the sack? Gently.

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