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Babylove Diaper Review (Size 4+)

04 Apr Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Babylove Diaper Review (Size 4+)
After getting over the initial shock of the babylove diaper change (size 4+), here are my thoughts now.

I’ve had the chance to use the diapers for about 10 days.

How to know whether you are buying the new type or old type. (I’m not sure if any of the other sizes have also changed.)


The new box is on top (light purple) and the older version on bottom (dark purple).


The new box is sealed differently; the top pieces don’t go all the way across the box.


The new box says made in Sweden on the bottom.


And also EU – Europe


The old diapers were made in Germany.


The the old version is underneath and longer than the new diaper on top.


Here the old version is now on top and the new diaper is below. The old version is obviously thicker.

What I like  about the new version:

  • The new diaper absorbs just as much as before, if not more.
  • Once the diaper is wet, it doesn’t swell up as big as the older version.
  • The diaper has a semi-elastic band at the back, making a tighter fit to help hold in #2* better.


  • Babylove has definitely attempted to improve upon the quality (they obviously aren’t trying to make us parents buy more quantity).


What I don’t like and/or changes I need to get used to with the new version:

  • The band in the back makes the diaper fit a bit too tight around my baby’s belly. I have to put the Velcro at the very last possible position. The old diapers were wider around. (For the amount of liquid it holds, I don’t want to go up a size nor put my baby on a diet, of course.) I don’t like the fit compared to before, but if you’re new to using babylove, you probably won’t have a problem.
  • The old version went up higher in the back to help keep #2 from leaking out, although the flat edge of the old diaper wasn’t always keeping everything in 100%. We haven’t had any leakage out the back of the new one, so I shouldn’t be complaining, just an observation.
  • The band on the inside of the leg portion is tighter on the newer version (Left), but I’m not entirely sure this actually holds #2 in any better. The first couple of days, there was a some leakage of #2, but only a little on my baby’s onsie/body suit. 


  • I would recommend to babylove to change the band where the Velcro goes. Below is the new diaper. You can see the amount of the strip that is not attached.


    The old version (below) had a better adhesive to the diaper (all the way around the clear band) so it would never separate. 


    When the baby wakes up in the morning, the clear piece is all bunched up and coming apart from the diaper. Without trying to be too gross, this is what the band looks like after having been worn. It has completely separated from the diaper on the side; I had a hard time trying to find where the velco should come off, especially if the baby is squirming around. 



The absorbent material is definitely more modern and soaks up a lot of liquid. It also keeps the diaper smaller at almost all times (this morning’s diaper was debatable prompting me to tell Kay we need to go up a size). I think babylove was genuinely trying to improve the diaper. I will continue buying babylove diapers. I still think they are an excellent product and still a cheaper price than most other brands.

My only fear is that with the super-absorbency, potty training might be difficult down the road. But I think that is true for any disposable diaper.

Yes, I recommend babylove brand diapers size 4+.

dm does not have an online store, but babylove diapers can be ordered through If you do not have a German Amazon log on, you can still log into with your normal Amazon account.

List of terms:

#2 = The nice way of saying bowel movement

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