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A Fußball match in our household – This is how we watch (Spoiler Alert! Dortmund:FC Bayern match)

11 Apr Posted by in Family Life, Sports | Comments
A Fußball match in our household – This is how we watch (Spoiler Alert! Dortmund:FC Bayern match)
This afternoon a neighbor asked me if Kay was planning to watch the Dortmund:FC Bayern (Münich) match tonight.

I said that I thought so.

The way I understood the conversation was that the neighbor was asking if Kay wanted to watch with him, so one would imagine that he was inviting Kay over to his house.

Please keep in mind that this conversation took place in English.

I came home and mentioned the conversation to Kay. He was a bit puzzled and called the neighbor to talk things over.

Upon returning this is how the conversation went:

Kay: I think you misunderstood what the neighbor was asking.

Me: Huh?

Kay: He was asking if he could watch the game at our house.

Me. Oooohhh. Okay. Not a problem.

Kay: I assumed you wouldn’t mind so I told him I would call him if it wasn’t okay.

A little while later…the door rings. I’m upstairs and I hear another neighbor (#2) talking, coming inside, then going into the living room.

One minute later, the door rings again… Kay hasn’t heard the doorbell so I go downstairs to answer thinking it is neighbor #1, the initiator of the night.

I open the door surprised to see neighbor #3. I give a little chuckle, ask him to come inside and go to the living room with him in order to say hello to neighbor #2.

A couple seconds later, a knock on the back door… finally neighbor #1 has arrived.

After a quick chat with neighbor #2, I’m convinced that I need to watch the game too. (It really wasn’t convincing once he suggested that I sit and have a beer.)

I apologized to neighbor #1 for misunderstanding. His response was, “Yeah, Kay was wondering when I got Sky Pay-TV.” (Apparently we are one of the few in our neighborhood who has Sky Pay-TV.)

So we are all watching the game, a so-so game. When teams are evenly matched it can feel a little slow. Neighbor #4 joined after halftime.

Highlights of the game:

1.)    Dortmund scored a goal 76 minutes into the game. (For those who don’t watch “soccer,” a regular match is 90 minutes. I won’t go into detail on how a match can be longer.)


2.)    A few minutes later, FC Bayern’s  #10 (Robben) got a penalty kick, which the Dortmund goalie stopped.


3.)    A few seconds later, Robben again had a chance to score, but the ball went over the goal.


Yikes! This was actually after the missed penalty shot, but no need to rub it in.

4.)    Dortmund won 1:0! (I was excited because Dortmund was the first German team I saw live in the stadium after I moved here.)


Highlights of the night:

1.)    Kay saw that the BVB online shop is now available in English.

2.)    Plenty of shots of Joachim Löw watching from the audience. (I think he is a handsome coach and I’d probably be rendered speechless if I ever met him. Being speechless is perfectly normal considering my German language skills stink.)

3.)    The FC Bayern goalie had bananas thrown at him. (I know, not nice, but I still laughed. Shame on me.) No worries, the bananas were cleaned up before anyone slipped. Darn, huh? Banana Splits, now that’s entertainment.


4.)    I didn’t even realize that Kay had invited the neighborhood without telling me, until I sat down to write this article. Also no worries, I am laughing now and I always enjoy the company of our neighbors. Plus the guys don’t care how messy the house is. Once Kay reads this, he will say that he did tell me he invited the guys… I just forgot. Riiiiight.

All-in-all, a great spontaneous night, good game, and good company. This is how I like to watch a Fußball match at home.

Kay’s actual response: No, you’re right, I didn’t tell you. At least neighbors five through seven didn’t show up.

Me: I don’t care, as long as I know someone is coming over.


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