It must be true… because my husband says so – Episode 1 (Not counting the Valentine’s Day incident, of course.) | Expat-Mom

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It must be true… because my husband says so – Episode 1 (Not counting the Valentine’s Day incident, of course.)

17 Apr Posted by in Family Life | 1 comment
It must be true… because my husband says so – Episode 1 (Not counting the Valentine’s Day incident, of course.)
This conversation took place last night in reference to last night’s Blog post, which also included a small bit about the possibility of Veteran’s Day in Germany and receiving chocolate chips as a gift.

Me: Can you read tonight’s post and let me know what you think? I still have to take the chocolate chip picture for the header.

(Kay is intently looking at his touch pad. And I’m not even sure he has heard me.)

Kay: Where is the picture? It isn’t showing up. Something is wrong.

Me:  (Staring at him with the, “Are you kidding me?” look. And then…) I just said, I still need to take the picture.

Kay: Normally there is at least a default picture.

Me: (Sigh.) No… there’s not a picture. The icon is different because I have text in the field, but haven’t uploaded a picture.

Kay: Well the graphic normally looks different.

Me: I just said, I don’t have the picture yet.

A couple minutes later.

Kay: (Asking in reference to the chocolate chip bag.) Are these like coffee bean chocolates?

Me: No… they are chocolate chips.

Kay: Yeah, like little beans.

(Kay grabs the bag.)

Me: Like miniature Hersey’s kisses.

(Kay is still playing with the bag, but still puzzled.)

Me: Haven’t you seen Hersey’s kisses before?

(Kay shakes his head no.)

Kay: Funny. Nestle is a Swiss company.

(Kay goes back to reading.)

Kay: Germany doesn’t have a Veteran’s Day.

Me: Right now there are discussions about having one. Hadn’t you heard?

(Kay shakes his head no.)

Me: Yes! I was finally about to inform you of something instead of you always telling me.

(Kay ignores me and continues reading.)

Kay: It isn’t decided yet.

Me: What?

Kay: Whether or not Germany will observe a Veteran’s Day.

Me: The Local said it was.

Kay: It can’t be.

Me: Did you read about it somewhere.

Kay: No, but it can’t be.

(I roll my eyes and let him continue reading.)

Kay: There won’t be a day off.

Me: I don’t know about that, but they said “US Style.” Maybe something was lost in translation.

Kay: No. It can’t be.

Me: You haven’t even read anything about it yet.

Kay: It isn’t decided yet.

Me:  (Rolling my eyes.)

Kay: You can trust me on this. You know… that I know… a lot.

And yet another episode of it must be true… because my husband says so.


Tonight we clarified a couple things…

Kay: Click on the preview screen real quick.

(I click on it.)

Kay: See, the icon is different. (Referring to the missing picture.)

Me: And I told you last night because I had text in the field, but had not uploaded the picture.

Kay: And it is just one man, the Defense Minister proposing a German Military Veteran’s Day. And it for sure won’t happen.

Me: …Because Kay says so.

After opening the bag of chocolate chips, I asked Kay, “Do these look like little beans?”

Kay: No, I looked at them last night in the bag. The look like miniature Hersey’s Kisses.

Me: Do you know what Hersey’s Kisses are?

Kay: No, but they look like them.

I love my husband very much but…

a.) I am not looking forward to the day Fynn starts speaking… In German or English.

b.) Does Fynn really need to learn how to play Angry Birds at 16-months?




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