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When do Stay-At-Home Moms get a sick day?

19 Apr Posted by in Family Life | Comments
When do Stay-At-Home Moms get a sick day?
Have you ever read a self-help article expecting to get something out of it only to find that it simply regurgitates everything you’ve already known or read before?

The one’s that get me are the dieting articles and about 98% of workout articles.

The only reason I bother is if I am looking for a quick fix to get me motivated again because I know what I will be reading is going to be a bunch of common sense re-written as if there is going to be a shred of new information. (Eat less, more healthy, do some cardio, do some resistance training, blah, blah, blah, tell me something new.)

Well today, as I am lying on the couch with my stomach sounding like a rumble in the Bronx, I check my emails from yesterday and there is an article from Baby Center entitled “40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down.”

At this point, I know that this is going to be a sick day for me. Kay has already left to go into the office and I am feeling like a horrible Mom because I don’t have the energy to play with Fynn.

Technically, Kay could have used a sick day in order to take care of Fynn because I was sick, but he was already on his long trek into the office and I had no clue what his schedule was like today.

I open the article with great anticipation while Fynn is plopped down in front of the TV. Exactly what I don’t want for him all day long. And why does it always have to be sunny when I am feeling like sh!t?

I read through the 40 items… Ok, not too bad. Better than “self-help” articles and at least this one had innovative/creative ideas on how to trick your children to pamper you with pretend spa days and back massages.

Although the 40 items were a bit redundant, and could have been narrowed down to about 10 things by grouping together variations on the same suggestion. But the problem was that all of the activities were for kids about ages 2 to…well, kindergarten.

So, here is my list of the top 10 things an almost 17-month-old and I did while I was clutching my stomach in between trips to the bathroom.

1.)    Watching TV – Don’t judge. He didn’t do it all day long. Only long enough for me to feel incredibly guilty.

2.)    Beeping my nose – I tried to teach him, but this bilingual kid refuses to talk. Neither “nose” nor “beep” came out of his mouth.

3.)    Playing with empty plastic bottles – Although noisy, at least I knew what he was up to when I couldn’t see him in the kitchen.

4.)    Learning to drink from on open top bottle – Fynn found his sister’s leftover apple juice from this past Tuesday… or Monday… or maybe this past weekend? So I taught him how to drink from it. Plus, I applaud his resourcefulness and caring enough to not make me get off the couch when he was thirsty.


5.)    Putting the cap back on the apple juice – This lasted for a good 10 to 20 minutes and even then he didn’t want to stop.

6.)    Giving me Duck Feet – Fynn loves to try and put my slip-on shoes onto my feet. He somehow thinks they always go on the opposite feet though. Doesn’t matter, kept him busy for about 5 to 10 minutes.


7.)    Daddy’s Xbox – While I was starting to dose off, I suddenly heard the Xbox turn on and then what sounded like the CD tray opening and closing. This however, prompted me to get off the couch. Not what I had in mind. I sent the video to Kay because I have no clue where this kid learned to do this. Fynn is always in bed when Kay plays Xbox.YouTube Preview Image

8.)    Daddy’s touch pad – While on the topic of technology, I thought, “What better way to annoy Kay while he isn’t here than to also let Fynn play with the touch pad.” Garage band – Mission accomplished.


9.)    Pealing the stickers off Bobbie Car – I let Fynn go to town on the Bobbie Car. (Obviously just an expression.) This is a Bobby Car and Fynn on one of my healthy days.


He removed two more stickers. I am so proud. I don’t believe in putting messy stickers on cars or other things that cost more than a month’s worth of salary. Not that a Bobbie Car costs that much, but a car nonetheless. Apparently children aren’t like cats and don’t mind if they have sticky things on the bottom of their feet though.


10.) Lunch time – I don’t know how I mustered up the energy to feed him lunch and then clean up afterwards. Ok, well semi-clean up afterwards because our house still looks like a tornado went through. But this is what I’m workin’ with… Just a regular meal at our place.


Then we repeated list, swapping Lunch time out for Dinner time. Unfortunately, the second time around, we didn’t get past number 1 before skipping to number 10. Which left me almost in tears. It was one of the, “I want my mommy!” times.

Not for me, but to take care of Fynn. I still haven’t gotten past the guilt of not taking him outside, especially when he grabbed his bike helmet and was standing at the door.


The only solace was looking out the window to finally see rain… and then only to be replaced with sun an hour later.

Working from home is a lot easier with a laptop rather than a mobile human being. I’ll take a “Business” sick day over a “Stay-at-Home Mom” sick day anytime… Not for me, for my son’s sake.


Totally looks like I’m fake sleeping, right? Nope, Kay took a surprise picture one month after Fynn was born.

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