The mind of Expat-Mom… Things go full-circle, I promise. Not like crazy coo-coo circles, just like Lion King circles. | Expat-Mom

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The mind of Expat-Mom… Things go full-circle, I promise. Not like crazy coo-coo circles, just like Lion King circles.

24 Apr Posted by in Family Life, Language | 2 comments
The mind of Expat-Mom… Things go full-circle, I promise. Not like crazy coo-coo circles, just like Lion King circles.
Today’s post is brought to you by my indecisiveness… Because I can’t narrow down one thing to write about, today’s post reads kind of like Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski where nothing really makes sense; the ending is at the beginning, chronologically events aren’t in order, but it gives you a confused idea of how my mind works.


Kay just came home from the Real with yet another spontaneous buy.

My first instinct was, “I might need to cut-off Kay from shopping and take over the responsibilities. I don’t think we can afford for me not to work with the stupid stuff he comes home with. I guess I hate these stupid things more than I hate shopping if I am willing to abort my grocery shopping strike.”

Kay: I got these for you. 


(Referring to my mixed drink addiction consumption. [I know, not funny to joke about addiction, but what if I tell it in German? Is it funny then?])

Me: These don’t look easy to clean…


Me: Wait…are these straws too? 


Kay: Look, here it says they are dishwasher safe.

Me: Um, yeah…cause “going in the dishwasher” automatically means that they will get clean.

Kay: They were only 5€.

Me: I would have preferred the 5€ to go toward the 60€ I just spent almost filling up my gas tank in my car (it was on reserve when I pulled up and ¾ full when I pulled away from the station).

(Kay walks away.) Smart move cause I think these metal straw spoons are way stupider than a spork (one utensil that functions as both a spoon and a fork) and a complete waste of money. Which reminds me, where is my Taschengeld?

But back to filling up the car.

Today’s panic attack was a complete waste of time. I always have a moment of panic whenever I think of going to the gas station. Not because of fuel prices.

But because of my two bad experiences filling up the car.

1.)    When a cashier at a station in Bonn made me cry for refusing to acknowledge that he learned English in school. (Another story for another time.)

2.)    And the time I couldn’t get the top physically off the tank. (Hey, it took two German men to get it off.)

But today… today was a moment of glory. I completely understood the cashier, she gave me time to run back to the car to grab my payback card (for the American’s this is like a point system some of the grocery stores have in the US) and she kept speaking in German to me. So either my accent is getting better or she had no desire to speak English to me. (I’ll pretend my accent is getting better.)

This moment of glory reminded me of last night’s spontaneous Ladies’ Night in honor of a neighbor’s birthday.

Not only was I excited that I got an invite, (because, yes, I am needy and need to feel like I can integrate into the neighborhood) but I understood a lot of what was going on throughout the evening. I was able to laugh at jokes and attempt to tell stories of my own.

Enough wine and I suddenly felt like those people who think they can sing at a Karaoke bar. Only I was speaking German, folks.

After filling up my car, I headed to Oma and Opa’s for my Deutsch Dienstag session.

With my confidence boosted, I was again making jokes (Oma and Opa laughed and they weren’t just courtesy-laughs) and recently I have noticed that they must be picking up some English. 80-years-old and they’re speaking English?


Aiden on Opa Werner’s lap

Today Opa said, “Yes.” Last Sunday, Oma said, “Potatoes.” And last week, Mutti said, “Up.”

Is there a full moon or something? Crazy cool!

While they started speaking English, Fynn started speaking German. As in, he understands how to use “Ja” and “Nein.”

This morning he said, “Ja” when I asked if he wanted more Cheerios. And tonight, he said, “Nein” and pushed the bottle away when I asked if he wanted more.

Also this afternoon, when Fynn was done eating he said, “Nein” as he pushed the spoonful of food away.

Speaking of spoons.

I just mixed a happy hour drink… 


I used the spoon to stir and while I debated whether or not to actually use the straw part, I finally tried it and… it is pretty awesome. The metal seems to make the drink extra cold. I totally retract how stupid I said these were.

Yes! I can stay on my grocery shopping strike. See, just like that… Full circle.

And I just got Taschengeld. But I don’t want to start the circle again.


  1. Mona Raub04-25-12

    The big question is, did you admit that to Kay? ;-)

    • Mommy04-25-12

      He can read it in the Blog:)

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