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Frivolous Lawsuits – No need to drag German brands into the mix

02 May Posted by in Products | Comments
Frivolous Lawsuits – No need to drag German brands into the mix
I’ve written before about Kinder Eggs chocolate and how they aren’t allowed in the US because they are considered a “choking hazard”… but only in the US, not in Germany nor in Canada.

Now that I am abroad, I can safely say that yes, other countries view the US as having frivolous lawsuits. Maybe I have always been a European at heart and not known it, but I have to agree that lawsuits in America are outrageous and simply out… of… hand.

The latest news hits close to home since it is a West coast man suing a German brand: Wolf v. BMW. A 52-year-old man (Henry Wolf of San Francisco) is suing BMW North America and Corbin-Pacific (an aftermarket seat manufacturer) claiming he has suffered from priapism (prolonged erection) for two years since his infamous four-hour motorcycle ride.

Is it just me or does this sound a bit ridiculous?

Nevermind that it was an aftermarket seat not even produced nor installed by BMW (way to go for the deep pocket), but my first thought was, “Wow, is riding a BMW motorcycle that good?” and then, “What’s the problem? Men pay for Viagra to get one night of fun and this man has been Viagrafied for two years!”

Supposedly priapism is really painful and not something to joke about. But this idiot is the one drawing all the attention to his stiffy; I can’t help but laugh.

I don’t see why there is even a lawsuit. This man should be a bona fide spokesperson.

If Wolf wins in court… I so want a BMW motorcycle with an after-market seat.

I repeat, this lawsuit is simply “out of hand.”


Tonight’s conversation at home.

Kay: What are you writing about tonight?

Me: I want to read more about the BMW case and…

Kay: Talk about how crazy lawsuits are in America. Oh, another case you could write about is that McDonald’s coffee one…

Me: Don’t go there.

Kay: Huh?

Me: That is a genuine case.

Kay: (Blank Stare)

Me: I don’t remember all the facts but I had to read about it in one of my classes for school. The woman suffered serious burns. Check it out on Wikipedia (Liebeck v. McDonald’s) But one case that I completely disagree with is the man who broke into someone’s house, got trapped in their garage for 8 days living on dog food and then sued the owners for being trapped.

What’s wrong with the judicial system in America?

Ok, not really. Apparently there is a list of “Bogus Stella Awards,” of which the “being trapped in a garage for eight days” story is a part. The real Stella Awards though were named after Stella Liebeck from the above McDonald’s case.

Yes, there are plenty of frivolous lawsuits in the US, but make sure to check the facts too. I’m curious to see how this Wolf v. BMW ends.

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