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It Must be True Because My Husband Says So (Episode 2) – The Parking Disc

08 May Posted by in Driving | 1 comment
It Must be True Because My Husband Says So (Episode 2) – The Parking Disc
Calling dibbs on an enhancehanced version of this…The Parkscheibe (Parking Disc)


I’m not thinking to enhance the broken corner, but something even better.

This is a form of one type of parking meter here in Germany. When you see one of these signs… 


Limited 2-hour Parking along this street.

It means it is limited-time parking and you put the parking disc in your dashboard window signaling what time you parked in your spot.

The first time I saw one of these, I couldn’t figure out what kind of gadget Kay had in his hand. Plus the one in his car is demolished so he was having to put it back together (and this is the second one he has gone through). 


But this is why they are referred to as a disc…

Then after the explanation…

Me: Oh, that is considerate… letting other people know how long until your car is moving.

Kay: Uhm, it’s so you don’t get a ticket. We are legally required to use one of these when parking in a limited-time zone.

Me: Oh, well, that is pretty cool… Parking based on the honor system.

This would never fly in New York; everyone would just take it one step further and put it forward an hour in hopes of pressing their luck with no Meter Maid coming by.

Yep, the minority of cheaters would ruin it for everyone else and the system would be abolished within a week.

So… why not take it one step even further (yes, I lived in New York for a short period) and just turn your parking disc into a clock and set it back ten or 15 minutes. Then you could park as long as you like and when a Meter Maid comes by, you’ll always have an hour and 50 minutes or so left.

I’m sure such a device would probably get me either arrested or deported; I don’t think Germans look highly upon cheating the honor code. Guess I’d have to sell them online from overseas or something and hope they don’t get confiscated going through customs.

And then my husband ruins my novel idea.

Kay: I don’t think you can call dibbs on something that already exists.

Me: Wha…?

Kay holds up an Amazon ad for my invention. Only 1,49€

Me: Isn’t that illegal? Where do they ship them from?

Kay: Kind of illegal…

Me: How is it kind of illegal?

Kay: It is illegal to use it, but not to buy it. Kind of like… (a drug that is green, but he won’t let me write about on this Blog.)

Me: What are you talking about?

Kay: That (to which I am not allowed to write about) is illegal to buy, sell, or grow, but not use.

I am so puzzled right now. The plant to-which-I-am-not-allowed-to-write about is also based on the honor system? Wow. I am still in shock.

But, it must be true… because my husband says so.


So today I visited my work office in Bonn.

When I parked the car, I saw a 2-hour parking sign at the beginning of the street as I pulled up.

But, I totally forgot because I was trying to unload a baby, his diaper bag and my purse, while contemplating whether or not to unload the stroller.

The front entrance was far, but not far enough to justify lugging a stroller and then having to walk all the way around the building to the wheelchair access door and then remembering I wouldn’t have a key-card to get in anyway once I got to the back door.

So yes, I was a little distracted and already tired from trying to park behind an extremely large BMW who’s tail end wasn’t even in the proper parking position. (That’s my excuse for my scheiße/crappy parking job too.)

I was halfway to the main entrance and realized I had forgotten to put the parking disc up.

I hesitated because the car next to me (the scheiße parked BMW) didn’t have one showing. Ok, they don’t even know how to park, they may not know how to use the parking disc too. Parkingscheibe… Parkingscheiße? (Parking Disk vs. Parking like sh*t) What’s the difference, right? But the car in front of them didn’t have their Parkscheibe up either.

I re-questioned, “Is this 2-hour parking? Why yes… there is the sign behind me.”

I lugged everything back to the car scrambling on the passenger side for the parking disc while holding a baby and my purse. Luckily I had decided against the diaper bag in lieu of just one diaper, wipes and a changing mat in my handbag.

Mission success, found the parking disc, but crap. Now I have to somehow get it to the driver’s side dashboard window.

Ugh! What a pain in the honor code. But my momma always told me to do the right thing, no matter how difficult or in this case, strenuous.

And am I glad I did? Upon returning to the street one-hour and some odd minutes later, I saw all but two cars with yellow tickets on them. While I did park like scheiße, I didn’t get a ticket for that either. And that’s the difference between Parkingscheibe and Parkingscheiße.

I guess it pays… or rather… saves to honor the honor code; ticket evaded.

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