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Friendships that Transcend Language Barriers – Oh, and movies help too

17 May Posted by in Family Life | Comments
Friendships that Transcend Language Barriers – Oh, and movies help too
The night before “Father’s Day” in Germany and as I was sitting in front of the computer diligently typing away on the newest blog post (Not really. I’ve kind of had writer’s block because either I am becoming too accustom to Germany and not noticing so many astounding differences, or I just need to get out more. I’m thinking the latter)… the men were already starting to play Skat (a German card game) around our kitchen table and the doorbell rang one more time; one of our female neighbors stopped by.

Kay asked me to come downstairs and she and I talked a little bit, but I thought maybe she was here to drop something off and that was all.

You see, our neighbor doesn’t speak fluent English and I certainly don’t know enough German to carry on a complete conversation without some rough patches let alone, crack any conversational jokes, which makes for boring banter. (Cricket, cricket.)

My German “discussions” are filled with many words, but unfortunately, the point of a story takes forever to get to.

Somehow the neighbor and I typically manage, although often times I think I understand, but really I’m way off base and the outcome turns into a translation mess. I only realize my errors after I regroup with Kay and he insists that I must not have understood properly.

Thankfully this neighbor is extremely patient with me… and a better guesser than myself when it comes to storytelling or casual conversations.

After she left our house, Kay asked where she was and why I was still here.

To make a long story short, I realized that with the men all getting together, maybe there was a need for some time for the ladies.

The trouble is, when there isn’t anyone to translate, I always feel like I am a burden to have around. The annoying American girl who barely speaks any German. Ugh! Kind of like the younger sibling that just won’t go away.

I tried to think quickly… how can we hang out without me boring her to death?

Movie? How about a movie?

We have invited neighbors over before for movie time. The trouble is, we need films that were bought in Germany because anything I brought from the US only has Spanish under titles (French if we’re lucky. Although, that doesn’t really help us either).

Since Kay insists on buying Blu-rays (which I would actually prefer regular DVDs because I’m just old school like that, I guess), I brought a Blu-ray fully knowing the neighbors don’t have a Blu-ray player, but hoping we could miraculously find a solution.

We ended up watching a movie, which I refuse to name in this article (Girl secrets and all), but the neighbor wanted to watch in English. No way was I going to have her be bored the whole time.

We watched in German with English under titles. Yes, an American film, in German, with English under titles. The things I do for the people I love. Kidding, Kidding.

It is actually good for me to learn new German words. With the reverse (English with German under titles) I can’t seem to read the German fast enough. Go figure, since the words are so freakin’ long.

It was a spontaneous decision, but glad we got together. Even though we don’t speak the same language fluently, I really felt like it was a ladies night with one of my pals from home. It’s been so long since I’ve watched a chick-flick… with actually another female friend present.

We even snickered at some of the really stupid parts like wearing a long, beaded necklace to bed. What the heck? Who does that? And then all the drama that surrounds women on film.

There are just some people with whom you know you just click regardless of any language barriers.

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