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Germans and Nudity – Is it so blasé?

22 May Posted by in Culture | 1 comment
Germans and Nudity – Is it so blasé?
They say that Europeans in general are more open with nudity than their prudish American counterparts.

In fact, the first time I walked past the computer while Kay was reading an article and saw an advertisement in the corner with a naked lady, I briefly paused and asked, “What are you reading?”

Kay: Huh?

Me: What are you looking at?

Kay: It’s an article about… blah, blah, blah (was all I heard because it had to do with sports).

He scrolled to the top and sure enough, it was a sports article.

Me: Why is there a naked lady in the corner?

Kay: What?… Oh, I don’t know it’s just an advertisement for something.

I just laughed and walked away because Kay is so oblivious when it comes to any kind of hank-panky pornographic images.

It’s true.

While cleaning out an old bag one afternoon, I found these “escort” cards from when I was in Vegas… it’s a long story but the original intention for grabbing them was a joke… plus, I still suck at refusing items when people are handing them out on the street. (I really need to get over my “not being rude” thing to strangers and just keep walking.)

Back to the porno… I mean “escort” cards… I wanted to test out this whole Europeans and nudity theory so I discretely placed a card in one of Kay’s drawers on the very top and placed one next to the bathroom mirror.

The cards remained unnoticed for I don’t know how long, but it must have been a few days… maybe even weeks until I pointed one of the cards out to him and pretended not to know where it came from.

“Hey, where did this come from?” I nonchalantly asked. “One of your business trips?”

He was perplexed trying to figure out where the card could have come from until I couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing uncontrollably, and then he realized it was a US telephone number on the card.

I giggled like a pubescent school girl and yet, the naked images had absolutely no affect on him.

Well, that prank sucked. I was the only one laughing.

While I’d like to agree with the theory that Europeans are more casual about nudity (at least my husband is anyway), I’m left wondering if the older generations hadn’t ever gotten the memo that they were supposed to be so flexible with being naked (no pun intended).

A few weeks ago, while at Oma and Opa’s house, they were watching an old German film.

Normally they don’t ever have the TV on while Fynn and I are visiting, but for some odd reason, that week they did.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until the film cut to a shot of a woman and man in bed.

They were fully clothed and each on their own side of the bed, but when they leaned in to kiss one another, both Oma and Opa gasped in unison and quickly turned their eyes from the screen embarrassed that I too had seen, I’m sure.

It was all I could do not to laugh.

Apparently this obliviousness to showing intimacy let alone nudity does not exist with the older generations of Germany.

I don’t know if my grandparents would have reacted the same way, but how did Germany progress more rapidly than the US with their comfort ability of nudity?

It was like seeing Mike and Carol Brady sharing a bed on TV as opposed to Lucy and Desi with their separate twin beds. Scandalous!

I wonder what Oma and Opa would do if we dropped them off at a nude beach? Wait, better not. I forgot about Opa’s heart condition. That would really be a prank gone bad.

We’ll just stick to old German films and daily Soap Operas, I guess. (They record them and only watch after Fynn and I have gone.)


Guess we won’t be showing Oma and Opa this.

PS… I don’t even want to know how much spam this post is going to produce based on how many times the “p” word was used. The Skat/Poker article was bad enough. Crap, I’ve done it again.

  1. Rick Litchfield05-23-12

    “PS… I don’t even want to know how much spam this post is going to produce based on how many times the “p” word was used. The Skat/Poker article was bad enough. Crap, I’ve done it again.”
    I laughed so hard reading this.

    It’s funny you talk about the spam. I find it a bit bothersome that the only post of mine to generate spam was a post about German sausage :/

    Great post, btw :)
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