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Motorway Emoticons

28 May Posted by in Driving | Comments
Motorway Emoticons
Kay always spots the cool signs while driving… like the temporary sign we saw last month just before entering the Netherlands stating that the-drug-I’m-not-allowed-to-mention-on-this-blog was prohibited to be brought into Germany. And that this substance is only allowed to be sold to Dutch residents.

The sign came and went so fast, I wasn’t able to take a pic. But it was lit up like a Lite-Brite toy.

This past weekend, on our way to Bremen, Kay also spotted these Motorway Emoticons. Yep, the German roadside people are down with 21st Century Emoticons; I like to think of them as sending their own form of text SMS messages.

Started out very frowny…


Then moved to apathy…


And finally to happy…


The final sign said “geschafft Vielen Dank!” (You made it – Thank you!)

Hey, at least someone has a sense of humor while driving through 19km (12 miles) of construction traffic.

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