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The North Sea and Lugworm Poo

29 May Posted by in Travels | 2 comments
The North Sea and Lugworm Poo
I was so excited to take my first trip to the North Sea… and then the subject of Lugworms came up.

I was informed that Lugworms eat sand removing the nutrients and then poop it right back out again. (Yes, the Science Dummy is here again so please be sure to read the truth about Lugworms on some official site like Wikipedia or something, which must be true because anyone can write anything they want on Wikipedia.)


Here is the culprit.

I was okay with the idea of seeing worm poop, until we started walking out on the beach and I realized that we were walking through a landmine field of Lugworm poop.


Lugworm Landmines… holy Scheiße!

I mean, I knew in my head that it really wasn’t poop, and yet I continued to dodge these little piles of… well, poop.

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

And then, after seeing everyone else mindlessly trudging through the moguls, I finally mustered the courage to try stepping in some myself.

And I learned that Lugworm poo isn’t warm, but in fact cold. It was weird walking on warm sand and then suddenly feeling a cold sensation.

I thought, maybe this could be therapeutic in some bizarre way, but really I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to die by walking with bare feet on worm poop.

Nope, I still couldn’t bring myself to walk through cold poo and I kept dodging the piles.


Fynn thinks the word “Poo” is funny. We thought he might be stopping to make some poo of his own.

  1. Lynette05-30-12

    I’d avoid them, too!! Kid poo I can deal with. But THAT is too much! LOL

  2. Marlo Grassi05-30-12


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