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Separation Anxiety and Potty Training

08 Jun Posted by in Culture | Comments
Separation Anxiety and Potty Training
With all of this traveling to new places and new people for Fynn, there are times that his separation anxiety from me is heightened; if he sees me leave the room, he starts to cry. But if I can sneak out, it’s all okay.

So each time when I attempt to go to the bathroom, Fynn drops everything and runs screaming toward me just as I am about to close the door.

When I arrived at my brother’s house, I said, “Fynn, Mommy is just going pee-pee. Do you want to come too?”

And my brother said, “Potty training, huh? Except you’ve got to stand up when you go, little guy.”

I didn’t have the heart to say, “Germans may beg to differ.”

In the US, forcing a man to sit and pee is like taking away his manhood.

Sitting and peeing for men in Germany? Either the women have some serious power, or everyone’s just comfortable in their masculinity.

Because of the shape of the toilets in Germany, if men stand and pee, there is a very high chance of backsplash.

The outcome is so unavoidable, that often times signs will be posted that say, “Bitte im Sitzen Pinkeln” (Please pee sitting).

I have yet to see a sign in person, but if you do an image search on Google for “Sitzen Pinkeln,” you’ll get the idea.

I’m sure I’m not allowed to write discussions that have taken place in our household, but let’s just say that because my husband thinks he has good aim, I am just thankful he is short and closer to the toilet than the tall men in our neighborhood who respect the “sitzen pinkeln” rule.

Kay has always been defiant, I guess.

And this means that I will gladly handle Fynn’s potty training when we return to Germany.

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