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Secret Agent? Paparazzi? Or just plain trouble?

11 Jan Posted by in Driving | Comments
Secret Agent? Paparazzi? Or just plain trouble?
Camera one?


November 7, 2012 – 08:17

Or Camera two?


April 13, 2012 – 12:39

I personally prefer the Hollywood sunglasses look over the paranoid, “Crap! You got me!” look.

I wish I could say these were stealthily-taken photos obtained by the enemy during my American spy operations in Deutschland. I’d even rather say these were candid pics taken during heartwarming-Kodak moments abroad.

Unfortunately, these are actually the pics from my two speeding tickets in Germany. (Well, ok, one is from an awesome experience driving to Frankfurt on my own to visit friends.)

There are temporary speeding cameras setup in Germany and there are permanent cameras setup. The first pic was taken from a temporary setup and the second from a permanent.

How lame am I to get a speeding ticket while shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear though, right?… I was going 36/kmh in a 30/kmh zone. That’s like doing 22 mph in a 19 mph zone. Too bad it was in front of our nearby school. (Only 15 Euro ticket though.) And the facial expression is actually me being annoyed at the stupid way people park when dropping their kids off at school.

I’d say that maybe I should have been paying more attention to my speed instead of making sure I had enough room to drive on the road, but I think making sure I don’t run over someone’s kid is more important than trying to dodge a speed trap.

I honestly wasn’t planning to go any faster, only to get into 3rd gear. I don’t think the camera cares though.

And I wish I could say, “Proud to have gotten a speeding ticket on the German Autobahn,” when I got caught in the most infamous speed trap in Germany near Frankfurt. However, in this case, I was going 112 km/h in a 100 km/h zone, which is 69 mph in a 62 mph zone. (20 Euro ticket). Lame.

And since it is a permanent setup with warning signs to indicate it is there, it makes me look like an even bigger moron… well, except for the sunglasses. I think that negates the moronic part. No? Darn.

8 kilometers faster and maybe I’d have some bragging rights. Or maybe they would take away my license, who knows?

Pretty good bang for my buck though… or in this case Euro. I think in the US, I probably would have paid around $100 at least for these. Right? Come on… help me feel like I actually saved money here.

All-in-all, did I learn my lesson? Nope. Only to drive slower near the school and that getting a speeding ticket isn’t so bad in Germany… And not too costly either.

The amount I paid for the tickets just about covers the souvenir pics I received in the mail. Like Splash Mountain at Disney. Sweet! Probably about the same price once you figure in postage. So glad I could commemorate these special occasions with a photo; too bad it isn’t bigger to frame… I like the black and white though. Classic and timeless.

I only wish I could make silly-anticipated faces like on roller coaster rides. Booooo! Maybe next time.

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