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Madonna, Please forgive me. It was only a typo.

09 Feb Posted by in Language | Comments
Madonna, Please forgive me. It was only a typo.
So either, everyone didn’t notice, didn’t read, or didn’t mention the big, whoppin’ error I made in my last post.

Well, one new reader did notice and didn’t mention directly to me; I saw it posted on their personal FB page. Just like the German government, I too am watching. Mwuahahahahaha!

It’s ok though. It wasn’t a hateful message and even if it was, I wouldn’t be upset because you know you’ve made it big in the blog world once you start receiving hate mail. I actually enjoyed reading their banter with friends.

In my post-pregnancy, hormone-changing-state, I mistakenly wrote “prima donna” as “Pre-Madonna.” Not just a grammatical error. Somehow I missed the boat on the entire concept.

Apparently I learned the difference between “their” and “there,” and “its” and “it’s,” and “to” and “too,” but not my “prima donnas” from “Pre-Madonnas.” Why don’t they teach that in school? Or maybe it was part of the curriculum in the early eighties?

Yeah, you didn’t know? There isn’t just AD, BC, BCE, and CE. There’s also PM and AM. Pre-Madonna and After Madonna. If Christ can have his own era, why not Madonna? …oh, wait. Those acronyms are already taken.

I don’t, however, think writing “Pre-Madonna” was a stupid mistake. I think it was an AWESOME mistake. “What’s the difference between a prima donna and a Pre-Madonna?” you ask?

Uh, looks to me like the only difference is a cone-shapped bra. Can you blame my mistake?

Apparently though, I didn’t learn my “duel” from “dual” either since the other day I typed this…

The sad part is… I didn’t get Kay’s joke… because I didn’t realize the mistake. What the heck?!

I think this nursing thing is actually my son sucking my intelligence away.

It’s ok though. I’m just amazed I don’t make more mistakes while typing with one hand and baby in the other.

Or the fact that I may only get five minutes in which the baby will let me set him down alone. At this point I can frantically try and type with two hands.

My personal fave is when the baby is lying in the Boppy on my lap sleeping while I contort my body to one side in order to type. (OUCH… my whole left side is twisted and killing me right now! And I think I am either going cross-eyed or losing me peripheral vision.)

I do think my “Pre-Madonna” mistake is better than my mistakes in German.

Like when I mean to say, “Mehr Wasser…” (More water), but it sounds like “Meerwasser” (Ocean water).

Or trying to say, “Schwanger” (Pregnant), but it sounds like “Swinger “ (Swinger). Yes, they are the same words in both languages, but a different pronunciation.  So how in the h*ll does it sound like Swinger when I am clearly saying “Schwanger” in German?!

I am left wondering how I am supposed to learn a second language, when it appears I haven’t even mastered my own native tongue?

Hey, “prima donna” and “Pre-Madonna” sound the same at least. And once the error was pointed out, I immediately knew what I had done with both prima donna and dual. Can’t say the same about my German though.

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