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What does IKEA REALLY stand for?

13 Feb Posted by in Family Life, Products, Shopping | Comments
What does IKEA REALLY stand for?
When I first moved to Germany it seemed like the trips to IKEA were never-ending. I think Kay drug me to every IKEA store within Nordrhein Westfalen.

I was d-o-n-e DONE with going there.

So when my bonus daughter stated what IKEA really stands for (although a Swedish company, apparently a German ingeniously coined this acronym definition) Idioten Kaufen Einfach Alles or Idiots can easily buy everything, I laughed my booty off.

Kay thought this term was not applicable to him because he goes there so often he can navigate all the shortcuts therefore bypassing any chance of buying cheap and unneeded items. (Pppffft, yeah right.)

But… over time, and with a long break, I was ok with the store again; IKEA and I currently have a love-hate relationship.

So when Kay and I made big plans to put in a walk-in, American closet, I had visions of racks and hangers which in no way included anything from IKEA.

Not only that, but I didn’t want that daily battle of to which side the doors needed to be pushed. In other words, whose side was open or closed? Or whose drawer needed to be pushed all-the-way in so the other person could get to their clothes?

Little did I know that the battle of the walk-in closet would begin… Because sometimes what you envision and what your partner envisions are two different things.

Kay wanted to install basically the inner shell of an IKEA closet into the walk-in closet. I thought this was stupid and a complete waste of space since IKEA has set measurements. I tried to describe how American closets were setup and was blocked immediately with the, “We don’t have that in Germany.” Hm? Where have I heard that before?

Luckily I was able to use all those catalogs laying around the house to my advantage.

“Here. Page such-and-such in the Bauhaus magazine. This is what I am talking about.”

It took a few days weeks, but then he was finally on board.

Kay’s brother built the outer walls. (I am extremely thankful for his talented skills.)

And the result is an almost finished walk-in closet for which we both can be proud.


As for my current IKEA relationship status?

Love that almost anything can be found there.

Hate that people (my husband) think it is the solution to all household decorating needs.

In all fairness, he has begun to branch out.

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