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Babies in Tights – Spring, Please Arrive Soon!

28 Feb Posted by in Culture | Comments
Babies in Tights – Spring, Please Arrive Soon!
I seriously hope we’re nearing the end of Strumpfhosen season.

Besides the fact that this pale momma needs some sun, I am done with squeezing my son into tights. Yes, boys (babies to toddlers) wear tights in Germany called Strumpfhosen.

And since I don’t want to be viewed as a bad mom when Fynn goes to the Tagesmutter (daycare), I slip those suckers on him every morning.

Strumpfhosen are typical for all babies and toddlers to wear under their trousers. (In the US we would say jeans or pants, but since the Brits consider pants to be underwear, I don’t want to confuse anyone here.)

These pics and Strumpfhose are actually from last year. (And I just learned unlike the word tights, which is always spelled in the plural form, Strumpfhose is singular and Strumpfhosen is plural.)

I insisted on buying the ones with the sticky nubs only to later regret buying them. They are good for crawling around at home, but not so good for putting jeans and shoes over them.

Scratch that, I can’t remember if they worked for crawling. I’ll have to test again on our second. But I didn’t buy another pair so I must not have been sold on them.

Strumpfhosen are pretty cool, until your child is old enough to have a screaming and kicking fit at which point I’d rather use the Strumpfhosen to hog-tie my child. But I think that may only be legal in Texas.


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