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Cutting Out A Wedding Heart –
Hochzeitsherz Ausschneiden

02 Oct Posted by in Culture, Family Life | 1 comment
Cutting Out A Wedding Heart – <br />Hochzeitsherz Ausschneiden
Monday was our second wedding anniversary, which means a little trip down memory lane (should you choose to walk with me).

One of my favorite parts of our wedding day was the Hochzeitsherz ausschneiden… which translates to, “cutting out the wedding heart.” I call it, “Hey, let’s torture the American girl by not telling her what is about to come.”

This unexpected game did, however, provide for much entertainment.

And so begins the journey…

Three of our neighbors hold up a large white sheet with our names painted on it.

I am handed a pair of scissors and Kay is handed a pair also.

The only problem is that I don’t receive any rules or guidance beforehand.

As Kay is cutting out one side of the heart and I am working on the other…

I should have wondered why he has little scissors and I have large scissors.


He is already 3/4ths of the way through on his side and one of our neighbors looks down and asks, “Sarah, what are you doing?”

Me: Huh? I’m cutting…

Our Neighbor: Yes, but it’s a race.

Me: What?!

(Psssst… I think Kay was trying to cheat by not telling me it was a race.)

And so I start hacking away trying to catch up.


Looks like the come-back-kid ends up winning, although a blurry finish.



And then I learn… I wasn’t supposed to cut open the bottom of the heart. Woops! 

That can’t be a good sign. But, my smart husband comes up with a quick fix.


Just when I think we are done, Kay informs me that now he must pick me up and put me through the heart.

You can see how “excited” I am… yep, completely terrified.


I am having visions of Kay tumbling over and/or dropping me. 

At this point I am thinking, “Oh, PLEASE don’t be flashing everyone!" I didn't think this dress was short until now.


And then I learn that Kay wasn’t just putting me through, but that he too has to make it through.

Foot Exploration.


But then finally…

We make it through! Wobbly… but we make it.


I later learned that this “game” symbolizes overcoming a couple’s first hurdle by going through the heart together.

As for the “flashing” part? I’m too scared to ask the neighbors. Let’s hope they closed their eyes and/or burned the memory from their brains. But we’re all still friends, so that’s a good sign.

  1. Sandra10-03-13

    I read the article in the RP and looked up your blog immediately.
    I have to say I love it :-)
    It’s funny and made me smile very often.
    And even though born and raised here in Krefeld I would not have known either that my husband and I would have to cut out the heart and the poor guy has to carry me through it after the wedding…
    Fotunately my husband and I decided to have a very small ceremony at the Standesamt. So it was just us and our parents and no friends with any ‘surprises’ ;-)
    Just like you I am always very curious when I hear someone speaking English because I’d love to speak it more often. But you cannot just interrupt, can you?! Would look
    I have to say that I like your

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