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Irrland – The Farm-Adventure Oasis

09 Oct Posted by in Culture, Family Life, Reviews | Comments
Irrland – The Farm-Adventure Oasis
If you haven’t learned by now, Germans are known for their environmentally friendly ways…

So when I jokingly referred to Irrland as “green,” I was surprised that my partner disagreed.

Last Thursday was a holiday here in Germany. Late in the afternoon, we took a drive to Irrland, “The Farm-Adventure Oasis.”

Irrland can best be described as a recreational park enjoyable for children as well as adults. (Because all of the possibilities within this park can’t be summed up in one sentence. It takes an entire paragraph in the brochure.)

As far as the name goes, we are guessing it comes from “Irrgarten” which is the German word for a labyrinth or maze made out of corn stalks. (The cornstalk maze has since been replaced by bamboo though.)

I didn’t know what to expect but Irrland got rave reviews from various friends. Not only is the entry fee completely affordable (5 Euro per person), but Irrland provides for “sportlich”, hands-on fun.

I jokingly referred to the place as environmentally friendly because I can only compare it to theme parks in the US such as Disneyland/world, MGM, Universal, etc. And in large contrast, Irrland is anything except similar to such theme parks.

Let’s start with the wind turbines protruding as a constant backdrop from the park.

Wind Turbine just in view behind a twisty slide.


Perhaps there is actually only one in the background, but I am so directionally challenged I thought there were several as we twisted and turned while touring the park? I’m still not sure how many there really were in the background.

Then we have all of the entertainment.

When I walked up and saw the tricycles, I thought, “What the heck is this? Can we reenact the seen from ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ or ‘Mr. Mom’?”


At Irrland, you don’t just sit back and enjoy the rides, but your body must physically propel them.

Bobby Car Hill – I call it death-trap hill because no matter how many parents you hear screaming, “Look forward!” in German, the children aren’t always paying attention and they just go flying down. Fynn immediately got into a head-on collision; the other child receiving the brute end of the fender-bender.


If you aren't constantly watching for toddlers, you just might get your leg capped at the knee.


Death Defying Slides – So fast and furious, be sure not to poop your pants, folks. At least the sacks you sit on ensure no skid marks on the slides if someone should lose their load.

This wasn't even the largest slide.


My personal favorite though… the Go-karts.

I can understand not having a motor to drive a tricycle. But a Go-kart? It took me a bit to warm up to the idea.

When we first walked up, I learned that in order to unchain the car, there is a deposit. (Never underestimate a German and their use of deposits.)

With no mechanical engine, you can only go as fast as your legs can peddle; makes for an entertaining race though.

No metal to put these petals to…


Ok, so maybe Irrland isn’t “green” by German standards, but by my American standards, I think it’s pretty granola… and that’s a good thing.

To anyone we promised we would go to Irrland with, I apologize for already having made a spontaneous trip, but have no fear. I would gladly go back anytime.

And we didn’t make it to all the attractions; even more of a reason to go back.

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