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My Run-in with Karma

30 Oct Posted by in Culture, Travels | Comments
My Run-in with Karma
Technology has not been on my side recently; my camera battery went completely dead after only four pictures while away so you’re stuck with this one picture which pretty much has absolutely nothing to do with the below post other than that I was in Amsterdam.

It was either this or a pic of the plaque from the Anne Frank house. Since Anne Frank is old news and Electric Cars are the next big thing, you are stuck with this random photo. Bitte Schön!


AND my laptop decided to crap out so I am back to using an American keyboard programmed as a German keyboard. I am convinced the apostrophe does not exist on here.

Sooo…. Finally, on to the actual post.

While jogging with the stroller the other day, I had a close encounter with a couple who decided to enter the walkway without checking for oncoming traffic. They were leisurely walking after what I can only assume was an afternoon lunch.

I had just enough time to ring my bell signaling my fast approach (yes, my stroller has a bell on it. Handy and awesome all at once.), but in hindsight, I probably should have tried to engage the brakes.

Although the woman on the left moved to the side, the man on the right, whom I can only guess was maybe hard-of-hearing (I’d like to think that rather than him being a jerk), didn’t even budge let alone turn around. And between the two of them, there was not enough room to maneuver the stroller through the center.

I made the quick decision to veer right and the wagon went careening off the sidewalk ledge into the gravel. No harm, no foul. We were all ok. But I let out a loud, “Hmff!” to make my annoyance well-known.

As I continued jogging, I was at first angry at them for not heeding my bell warning or even for entering the sidewalk without looking.

But within 5 seconds, my anger quickly turned to shame… I was shameful that I had gotten angry for one; after all, I don’t own the sidewalk and just because I ring a little bell does not mean the heavens should part and let me through.

And secondly, I was shameful about my internal thoughts, which I will refrain from repeating let alone exposing you to my profanity.

I thought a mental apology to them and a quick scolding to myself was enough… but apparently not.

The next morning, I left for Amsterdam on a ladies’ overnight trip.

Let me start with writing, I love the Netherlands. I love the Dutch. But the bikes in Amsterdam scare me to death.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now, but it never fails. My first hours in Amsterdam always start the same. I venture around the city and mistakenly stand in a bike path… If you haven’t ever stood absent-mindedly in an Amsterdam bike path, you have never had a death wish.

But it’s not the bikes that will kill you. It’s the bicyclists’ evil glares. In fact, there is only one requirement for riding a bike in Amsterdam and it obviously isn’t knowing the rules of the road (Pssst, they don’t follow them anyway); it’s having attitude.

So while I may have been upset about my almost rear-end, jogging collision in Deutschland, it was nothing compared to the evil glare I received in Amsterdam. The angry look was like Karma herself in male form piercing my entire body with a seething hot dagger. I swear he suddenly sprouted extra arms just to wave them at me in annoyance.

After a split second of complete shock and eyeballs popping out of my head, I apologized while shamefully scampering out of his way… and out of the way of the herd of bicyclists following him. (Ok there were only one or two more bikes behind him.)

I can only question, however, what Karma may have done to this man in return for giving me the evil glare… because I would guess the next biggest form of transportation after jogging stroller and bike might be a car? What if Karma decided that wasn’t enough. A bus, a train… An airplane?

Wait, we’re talking Karma. Not “Final Destination” here.

Lesson learned… have a little patience for the slower, perhaps even absent-minded fellow travelers. Not because Karma can come in all transportation forms, but because well, it’s just the right thing to do.

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